Search the Antibody Resource database of 2 million antibody and elisa products from 170 suppliers covering 27000 proteins. With thousands of proteins and often hundreds of associated antibodies, the selection of a specific antibody can be both time-consuming and expensive. Antibody Resource is spearheading a unique initiative designed to compare antibodies from numerous suppliers using identical samples/tissues and an identical protocol. In doing so, we hope to enable scientists to form an unrivalled opinion of which is the most suitable antibody for their research.

The GSA is a non-profit charity organization with the mission to provide global leadership to reduce the worldwide burden of sepsis. The GSA is initiator of World Sepsis Day on September 13 and World Sepsis Congress, a series of free online congresses bringing knowledge about sepsis to all parts of the world, among other initiatives.
The GSA works closely with its over 90 member organizations, the World Health Organization, patient advocacy organizations, regional governments, and regional sepsis alliances, to implement changes on how sepsis is prioritized, diagnosed, and treated all around the world.
Stop Sepsis - Save Lives

PAAIS was established in 2003 in Islamabad. Constitution and By-Laws were registered in Islamabad in 2003. The main aim of society is to promote the highest possible standards of teaching, study and research among those engaged in the practice of Allergy, Immunology, Transplant Immunology and related diseases, in the best traditions of medicine and medical ethics. Organizing workshops, Free Allergy camps for the patients. To organize Allergy Schools for hands on training in Allergy Tests, Patch Tests, management of allergic diseases for medical professionals with interest in specialty of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. PAAIS will also create awareness and training in specialty of Transplant Immunology Tests.