Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Disease can be caused by bacteria or viruses invading the body. Bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungus are some of the microorganisms that cause infection.

Immunity refers to the body's defense system against illnesses and infections. The immune response is a biological response that protects your body from invading cells, chemicals, and tissues. The spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, particular deposits of lymphoid tissue (such as those in the gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow), macrophages, lymphocytes (including T cells and B cells), and antibodies are all part of the immune system.

Inflammation: Inflammation can be caused by chemical, physical, or biological causes, such as intense sunlight, mechanical trauma, x-ray, and radioactive elements, extremes of heat and cold, corrosive chemicals, or infectious agents; however, infection and inflammation are not identical.

  • Molecular Pathogenesis
  • Cellular Microbiology
  • Virulence Factors
  • Host Resistance

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